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13 Fall Maintenance Items To Tackle

Cooler weather is here. Gone are the 70-degree days. It’s dark by 6:30 pm and yes, the leaves are falling off the trees. For property owners this means, it’s fall maintenance time.


Which maintenance items do you focus on for the fall?


We’ll walk you through all 13 of them.

Before you start tackling projects, it’s easiest to break them into exterior and interior tasks from the top to the bottom of your building.


Clean out the gutters and downspouts

Having dried leaves and seeds from trees clog your gutters and downspouts can spell disaster. Water sitting in a low area due to improper drainage causes Ice dams and roof leaks. One of the easiest ways to prevent roof repairs is by keeping gutters and downspouts clean.


Check out the roof

While you are on the ladder cleaning gutters, take a glance around at the shingles. Are they all securely fastened and in good condition? If not, secure them now before the snow flies to prevent further damage.


Seal up window and door frames

As you’re looking at the roof, take a peek at your window and door frames. If any gaps have formed due to settling or improper installation of wrapping or siding now is the perfect time to seal them up. You can find all-weather caulking and insulating foam at all the major home improvement stores.


Exterior repairs

Inspect around the exterior foundation for any gaps or cracks small critters could use to move in. If you find you have an issue with pests already call an exterminator. If you’ve caught it in time, seal the cracks and gaps with the proper wire, cloth, Quick create or sealant to ensure against unwanted visitors.



Landscape repairs

Walk around the property and check for uneven sidewalks and places water could pool and freeze causing safety issues for tenants. Have all railings and porches inspected for loose or rotten wood and repair properly.


Landscape clean-up

Mow and rake up all the dead grass and leaves. You’ll want to trim trees and bushes to prevent dead branches from breaking over winter and damaging property. Be sure to clean your mower and store it over the winter for use again in the spring.


Autumn is a great time for some deep cleaning and sealing up any weatherization issues.


Let’s take a look at the interior of your rental property.


Heating system

Turn your furnace on early to make sure everything works. Change out your furnace filters. If there are any issues, bring in an HVAC tech to fix it for you.


Insulate any basement piping that lines outside walls, also turn off the water to outside faucets and be sure to drain all your watering hoses.


Chimney and fireplace

Clean out your flue in your chimney before you start having fires in your fireplace. Remove all the ashes and add them to the garden for extra nutrients over the winter.



Seal up any drafts and make sure any vents to the exterior are clean and not blocked. The attic needs to breathe to release humidity from the home.



Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. If they aren’t working, replace them.



Check the weather stripping on doors and windows. They help prevent heat loss during the cold winter months. If you have older windows, now would be a good time to install a piece of plastic over them to help keep heating costs down.


Deep cleaning

Fall is a great time to move appliances and furniture and attack any grime or dust lurking there. Just like spring cleaning, fall maintenance allows you to schedule cleaning out the oven or washing down in the inside of the refrigerator if you’ve been putting it off.


As a landlord, you may rely on your tenants to handle the interior maintenance and cleanings. You might also hire it out to your management company to handle it for you. Day property management partners with Integrated Property Solutions for all rental maintenance. You can contact Integrated Property Solutions at (920) 968-0626 or fill out their contact form.

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