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Find and Fill Rental Properties the Easy Way! 

Find and Fill Rental Properties the Easy Way!

Property management companies have the inside scoop on rental properties in the Appleton area. Whether you are a local landlord or an out of state owner looking to increase your portfolio, contacting a property management company can be a great help and money. Using a company like Day Property Management, can help you find your next property.

Dont fret over the rent

You won’t have to sign up for real estate listing cart or work with many different realtors to find rental property in the best locations. They know the best areas for quality rentals with consistent occupation rates. Day Property Management works with landlords ranging properties. Day Property Management covers lower income range to luxury neighborhoods from Green Bay to Fond Du Lac. You won’t have to worry about buying a property in a hard to fill location.

Stop searching 

By giving your management company all the requirements you are looking for in your property search, they can look for property for you. They also know the market rents. Utilizing their knowledge, you know what you can spend on your next rental and still cash flow. This saves you from overspending and waiting years to get a return on your investment.

All repairs are handled 

Your property management company can then take a look at the time involved and the repairs necessary to make the rental “tenant ready.” This allows you to create a repair budget. You will now know what you’ll need to cover when you close the purchase. Property management companies may have their own maintenance divisions to handle this for you. Day Property Management works with Integrated Property Solutions to maintain the rentals they manage and have repair numbers down to a science.

Pocket leads

Property management companies may be working with owners who are looking to sell their properties. This can lead to quick sales and possible discounts depending on the needs of the current owners.


Many property management companies have a realtor on staff or are realtors or real estate brokers themselves. This designation allows them to perform all the functions of any real estate agent or broker with the added benefit of working with them as property managers. As a team they negotiate on your behalf, take care of all purchase paperwork and start the management process once the purchase closes.

When you close on your purchase, your property management company can help you with its residential and commercial services. Their 16 years of property management has made them experts in finding the best tenants for your rental units. By creating the unit’s ads for you, your time can be spent on working with the repairmen or you can use IPS to handle repairs for you. Day Property Management handles all the tenant interaction for you. Showings, processing applications and screening tenants to provide you with ideal tenants is all covered.

When using a property management company to help with your rental search the new purchase becomes a turn-key rental. They will handle it all from completing any needed repairs, advertising, finding and screening tenants. Your property can be full and cash flowing almost immediately.

Day Property Management can help you find your next cash flowing rental fast. Fill out the contact form here or give us a call at 920-968-0626.

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