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Summer Is Coming—Get Your Maintenance Done Now!

Summer Is Coming—Get Your Maintenance Done Now!

In Wisconsin, the snow has finally melted and the sun is making its appearance, plants are growing and the yards are greened up. It’s starting to look like summer. Warmer temperatures bring yard work, outdoor maintenance and necessary repairs to rental property. As a property owner, you should consider seasonal maintenance a tool to keep your buildings in good repair and curb appeal high for new renters. Summer rental maintenance should be a scheduled event on a landlord’s calendar, like fall clean up and winterizing. Over time these activities keep your rental looking pristine all year round, keep tenant complaints low and helps you keep your investment safe. This doesn’t mean you need to tackle every item on your to do list all at once but there are a few maintenance items to be sure to address at the start of summer.

Schedule Any Major Repairs

Summer is a busy time for property maintenance companies and contractors. Calling them early and getting on their calendar is necessary, if you are taking on a large repair projects. Management companies like, Day Property Management, have their own divisions for such projects. You can contact Integrated Property Solutions directly to schedule all repairs and maintenance.

Items You’ll Want To Evaluate:

•Condition of the roof-Secure any loose shingles

•Window screens-Replace torn or damaged screens

•Patios and decks-Clean and paint deck platforms and railings (repair any rotted or loo

•Garage floors-Clean off salt from winter and fill any cracked wood), fill cracks in patios

•Air conditioner-You should have an HVAC contractor tune up the A/C before you get a call from the tenant saying it doesn’t work. Making sure it’s safe to run will keep you from having to replace it later in the summer.

•Lawn mower-If you provide a lawn mower for your tenants to use during the summer. Make sure it’s tuned up and ready to run. Replace it if necessary.

•Swimming Pool Maintenance-This is a larger project and may need some planning and supplies. Take a look at any swimming pools you have at your properties and schedule repairs and cleaning as needed.

Easy Maintenance To Keep Your Rental Looking Great

When you address maintenance issues seasonally, you’ll find less to do over time. Increase the useful life of siding, gutters, window and landscaping with a little care a few times a year.

Easy Maintenance Items:

•Exterior of the building-Power washing off algae and other growth will extend the life of your siding keeping your building looking great

•Gutters, downspouts and window wells-Cleaning out dead leaves, and dirt will keep your gutters and downspouts working properly when it rains. Cleaning out window wells will keep them pest and mold free

•Trees and bushes-Trim any overgrowth or dead branches from mature landscaping. This will stimulate new growth and eliminate damage from falling or loose branches.

•Landscape-Cleaning up any leftover leaves or plants frozen over the winter will keep pests away and with a little mulch, your yard will be beautiful again

•Smoke detectors-Check all your rental units for working smoke detectors, replace batteries or non-working detectors

•Yard sprinklers-Test your sprinklers and set the timers, repair anything not functioning

•Pest Control and Mold-As you are doing your maintenance keep an eye out for cracks in the foundation (perfect access point for small rodents), build up of yard waste (where pests can nest) mold on window or door frames and anything you could clean or remedy now before an issue arises.

Once the maintenance on your property is complete, a letter to your tenants regarding the lease rules and regulations may be in order. The letter should address noise ordinances, grilling, fireworks and tenant gardens will keep everyone on the same page. If you don’t have any rules and regulations for outside activities, consult city ordinances and inform your tenants to avoid complaints or code enforcement issues.

Have your management company write-up an informative letter to your tenants and handle any questions they may have. Contact Day Property Management at 920-968-0626 today to help. You can also fill out our contact form with questions.

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