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Spring Cleaning Projects to Keep Your Rental Full

Spring Cleaning Projects to Keep Your Rental Full

Spring is the perfect time to kick the snow from your boots and tend to the outside of the rental properties you own. The sun is shining, the ground is starting to thaw and along with dead landscape hiding under the snow is showing its ugly brown leaves.

If you have vacant rental properties or are going to have tenants leaving soon, sprucing up the outside of your properties can be a great investment in getting your units filled quickly.


Here are some ideas of the projects you should do to make your rental looking top notch.

Outside landscaping

Our plants from last year are not looking very good. If you have annuals, take the time to pull out those dead plants and plant new ones. Clean up and prune perennials to allow new growth to flourish. Having your lawn thatched and gathering up all the dead grass may look bare for a week but once the sun hits the uncovered grass, your lawn will fill in and start greening up.

Outside of your building

Washing the siding from all the grime and sap which might have accumulated and froze over the winter is now going to be dirty.  Power washing your siding will have the rental looking well maintained and clean. Cleaning gutters will help keep water away from your foundations when the spring rains begin.  At the same time, you can look at the roof and siding for any major issues or repairs necessary.

Touch-up caulking and painting

The change in temperatures of Wisconsin takes a toll on paint around windows, on decks or your siding if you have painted siding. Taking the time now to scrap and paint will keep your property protected from damage and looking great. Homes settle a little bit with the changing ground temperatures. If you notice any gapping between your windows and doors and the siding, you can seal the gaps with clear caulking. This will keep your rental heating and cooling costs down by addressing air flow leaking issues.


Some inside maintenance you should take care of for current tenants:

Heating and Cooling Tune Ups

Having a maintenance crew give your HVAC a once over will keep your furnace running optimally. Then you’ll know the A/C will do its job when it gets warmer outside. Swapping out furnace filters will go a long way to keep the furnace and A/C functioning well.

Tenant Concerns

If your tenant mentioned any repairs needed, now would be a great time to fix them. Leaking pipes, light fixtures, and switches not functioning or taking care of any pests which may have found a way in will keep you on the tenants good side.

Lawn Mower Tune Up

If your tenant normally takes care of the lawn in the spring, summer, and fall, making sure the equipment is in working order will keep you from receiving fines from the city, or having to mow the lawn yourself.

Taking care of these maintenance items now will keep your properties looking great year after year. At Day Property Managment,  http://www.daypropertymanagement we partner with Integrated Property Solutions to handle rental maintenance for the landlords who work with us.  Give us a call today at 920-968-0626 to get your properties scheduled for spring cleaning.

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