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5 Steps to Spring Cleaning as a Tenant

5 Steps To Spring Cleaning as a Tenant


As winter starts to fade, the sun starts to shine more and warmer temperatures creep in, we often feel like throwing open the windows to let the fresh air of spring revive our homes. When you take a look around at the dust on window sills and salty dirt accumulating on the doorway rug…you know it’s time for spring cleaning.

As tenants you always wonder if you should or should not do something to the rental property or will it affect your lease. In this case, there is no reason to put off a deep cleaning until you plan to move. Giving your home a good deep clean in the spring and fall will not only keep you healthy, you’ll find any maintenance issues to address with the landlord or property management company to keep you safe.


Here are the deep cleaning items you should do to renew your home and spirits after a long winter. 

Step 1Prepare. 

Purchase all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to tackle the toughest jobs from dusting ceiling fans, washing windows to degreasing the oven. This may involve cleaners, dusters, wipes or cleaning cloths, mop, broom and a good working vacuum.

 Step 2 Start with the trash.

Old mail, receipts, magazines you’ve read, and newspapers you’ve looked through all tend to pile up. Start by throwing away all the trash hiding under beds, in couch cushions and in your general living space. Recycle the plastic and paper in their correct bins. You’ll start to feel a little less gloomy as your space becomes cleaner.

 Step 3 Prioritize.

Tidy up the items which need to be put away. Then you can focus on the items which need a good deep cleaning. You may feel like you want to clean your whole house in one day. Don’t fall into that trap. Cleaning can take its toll on you so focus one step at a time.

 Step 4 From High to Low.

It doesn’t make sense to vacuum and then dust. You’re going to have dust flying and falling from ceiling fans and door and window frames onto the floor.


Use this list for the order of cleaning and you wont be doing double the work.


Start with dusting

Those ceiling fans, door frames, window frames and sills can all use some love after months of non-use. Move on to dusting cabinets and shelving and any other exposed flat surfaces. This includes furnace filters. If you have access to replacement filters and the furnace, taking out the old filter and putting in a new one will have your air less dusty too.


Give the Walls a little love

Walls take a beating. They accumulate dirt from messy hands, grime from messier hands and scuff marks from chairs and furniture bumping against them. A solution of 50% vinegar and water will get your walls looking fresh without harming paint and deodorize the room too.



Washing windows is not a favorite job anyone likes to do, but the clear glass can really brighten up your rooms and make them more inviting. Don’t forget to take a brush after the window screens to clean off any debris or bugs who found shelter during the winter.


Floors and Carpets

sweeping up anything lying around is your first step. For any tile, vinyl or linoleum flooring, mopping up all the salt and grime from winter can have your floors shining in no time. Take rugs outside to shake off and then vacuum. For any room with carpeting, start with a new vacuum bag and slowly vacuum the carpets. We are not talking your quick clean up job when someone is coming over to visit. Let the brush in the vacuum do its job and get the area good and clean while vacuuming slowly. It’s amazing how good the carpet looks and feels by spending a few extra minutes in each room. If your carpets are extra dirty, renting a steam cleaner at the local hardware store might be worth it to have really clean carpets.



Have you put off really scrubbing the shower walls and doors. While you are in cleaning mode, giving your shower a good scrub will have your whole home feeling like the day you moved in.


Step 5— Closets, Cabinets and Storage. 

You may not equate spring cleaning with going through the items stuffed to the back of the closet or cabinet during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to pull those items out and really taking a look at what you want to keep. Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or items you know you won’t be using. Donate anything in good condition and say goodbye to the rest.


If you’ve made it through these 5 steps to spring cleaning as a tenant, you’ve likely come across items you’ll want to bring up to your property management company or landlord. Did you notice any dripping pipes or faucets? Any damage to flooring or walls? Are all of your light fixtures and ceiling fans functioning? This is a great item before everyone is busy with outside maintenance to handle any inside maintenance.


Some property management companies do their own maintenance or have a maintenance partner. Day Property Management works with Integrated Property Solutions to handle all of their tenants maintenance requests. You can reach Day Property Management at 920-968-0626

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