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5 Ways Property Management Companies Help Tenants

5 Ways Property Management Companies Help Tenants

When you are considering finding a home or apartment to rent, most people turn to the local paper or online listings on craigslist to start their search.  From there you have to make a string of calls to try and set appointments to see the home or ask questions about information not in the rental ad.  This leads to phone tag, frustration and still not finding a rental fit for your needs.

When looking for a place to rent, people hardly ever think about property management companies being able to help them.  Most of the time people see, property management companies as big businesses who help landlords manage their rental property and not an advocate for tenants themselves.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways property management companies like Day Property Management LLC can facilitate tenants.


5 Ways Property Management Companies Help Tenants



Are you new to the area or have lived outside of the area for an extended period of time and are looking to move back? Are looking for a place to rent and unsure where to start?  Look no further.  A local property management company can be an easy first step and often the only one you’ll need to take.

Many management companies handle a variety of rental property from single family homes, condominiums, apartments of all sizes and budgets.

They are also a huge time saver to someone relocating.  One or two calls with them explaining what you are looking for and in the type of location you want will give you multiple results to look at.  Often they also know the best areas, even if you’re not entirely sure,  for the type of property you are looking to rent.

You can schedule multiple showings back to back when you are dealing with one company, You can also apply the same day.


Rental Process

Is this your first time renting?  Or have you rented before but you were not sure what you signed when you signed your Residential Lease Agreement?  A management company handles showings, applications, people moving-in and out on a daily basis.

What might seem daunting to you, is the daily job at a management company.  When you work with the right company, they explain the whole process with you, from application to moving-in .A tenant should always be treated with respect and feel comfortable to ask questions when they don’t know how something works.

Some companies such as Day Property Management LLC have moved tenant features into a nice online portal.  Tenants can access their portal 24/7.  So after you move in you can contact the management company about repairs or pay your rent online.


Professional Treatment

A property management company should be professional and helpful to perspective tenants, current tenants and property owners alike.  If you are working with a company or a private owner self-managing and you don’t feel like your concerns are being heard.  You need to find a company who treats everyone’s needs appropriately.

When looking for rental property, not knowing the area or being new to renting can come with its own set of challenges.  You want to work with a company who understands those needs and works through them with you to find a home fitting your location, budget and amenities.


Customer Service

A good property management company will listen to all tenant and landlord concerns and discuss any changes to be made.  They treat everyone with respect and courtesy.  They should help both tenants and landlords make the best decisions about the rental property, repairs and lease agreements.  Good customer service can go a long way to defusing landlord/tenant disagreements, helping someone find the right rental property or discussing repair issues with tenants and property owners.  After all, property management is a business and as such needs to be professional toward clients and tenants alike.


The Right Housing Fit

Property management companies not only provide current tenants with safe, clean, functional housing within their budget, they will also help prospective tenants search out such properties.  If the property management company has been around long enough, they work with a variety of property owners with different types of rentals available.

Budget is always a consideration when showing rental units to a perspective tenant.  When working with a reputable management company you will not be shown a rental property outside of your price range.  After all they want you to be as comfortable with your monthly rental payments as you are living in the home.  They follow the Wisconsin Way guidelines of a rental payment not being more than 30% of your net income.  This way they safe guard you as a tenant to make sure you don’t become “rent poor” and they safeguard the properties they manage by having responsible tenants fulfilling their lease agreements.


By having a variety of properties available at any given time, property management companies can find you a house, apartment or condominium with the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, in your desired area of town and within your budget.

Whether relocating or looking for a new area of town to live in, start your search by using a property management company like Day Property Management LLC.

Your rental search time will be 90% easier and 100% faster without making endless phone calls and not finding the right home for you.

To see how a management company can facilitate your search for the perfect rental visit our contact us page today by clicking here Or give us a call at Day Property Management LLC 920-968-0626.





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