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Protect Your Privacy

How important is your privacy?

We feel strongly about our privacy that’s why we were so shocked to learn about this bill that has been in

the works since October of last year. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are trying to pass a bill that will allow them to sell our browsing history to other companies without our permission. They can currently sell the information but only as completely faceless, meaning that they can sell that someone is going to these sites, but not pinpoint it directly at any specific person or household. However, the bill they are attempting to pass currently would allow them to pass on person/household specific information.

This information could not only allow them to see what sites you frequent, but “ISPs might be able to figure out where you bank, your political views, and your sexual orientation based on what sites you visit” (Brodkin, 2017). More disturbing than this is that not only would they be able to see sites you visit, but also when you are and are not home, as well as where you shop, where your children go to school, where your extended families live, as well as track what health problems you may be having. This opens the door to all kinds of people being able to access this information and discover when your home, when your whole family is home, and/or when your children are home alone.

How do we protect ourselves from this?

There are a few options to try and protect yourself from this invasion of privacy though. The first being to contact your ISP and ask them how to opt out of this invasion of privacy. Another option is to use a VPN to encrypt everything that you do online. However, this option does cost money and depending on the VPN you choose the price can vary immensely. The third option, and the one we suggest above all others is to contact your state representatives and tell them not to pass this bill and impress upon them how strongly you feel about this breach of your privacy. For those in other states, a simple internet search can provide you with your current representatives and ways to contact them. If you live in Wisconsin, we have the information here for you. If you want more information on this, please read this article!

ARS Technica Article

Contact Ron Johnson

Contact Tammy Baldwin


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