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Questions to ask about a prospective tenant


Your present resident has given proper notice to vacate, you also know because of performing your diligent inspections that the unit will not need any cleaning or repairs. Now starts the process of finding a new resident which will require reference checks and background checks. There are five basic questions that need to be asked of their current landlord:

Did the prospective resident pay rent on time and in full at their present residence?

This question will help you decide if the prospective resident is a responsible individual and should avoid the extra work required, serving notices and having to chase down a resident who is        slow to pay or not pay at all.

Did the prospective resident take care of the residence?

It is important to know if the prospective resident took good care of the property and if they caused any damage and if it was beyond normal wear and tear. A destructive resident can be a costly resident.

Did the prospective resident display behavior that could be considered disruptive?

Were any complaints received about the prospective resident and if so were the complaints justified. Did the prospective resident cause noise issues, have loud parties or if a pet was allowed, were there issues with the pet.

Was the prospective resident good with communication?

Communication between landlord and resident is very important and responses to requests is required. If the prospective resident has a history of non communication relative to requests for repairs and inspections, this will make your job as the landlord much more difficult and strain the relationship between you and your residents.

Would renting to this resident again be an option for you?

If the previous landlord is upfront and honest with you about this prospective resident your decisions to rent to this prospective resident should be unbiased and help to avoid any “issues” in the future.

Screening prospective residents with the proper questions is key to an an enjoyable future as a landlord and part of the solution to a trouble free process. 

Posted by: daypropertymanagement on February 23, 2017
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