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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (and Happy Birthday)

Happy Valentines Day from all of us here at Day Property Management LLC. Valentine’s day in our office is a special holiday, not only because of all the  hearts, romance and just in general pink and red, but because Valentine’s Day is also the birthday of the founder and owner of Day Property Management LLC, Michael Day! Happy Birthday Mike!

After we finish wishing Mike a very happy birthday we often end up discussing Valentine’s Day in general terms. Is it a wonderful holiday to celebrate love and relationships, or is it more of an excuse for greeting card companies and chocolatiers to make a huge profit? The answer is probably somewhere in between, but what’s most intriguing are the facts surrounding this day’s history. There are many theories and some say we may never know where it actually originated. Here is a very interesting article from New York Times that goes over a few of the theories and where they originated. No matter which theory you choose, we hope you all enjoy this love-inspired day!

Posted by: daypropertymanagement on February 14, 2017
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